Team Leader

We have excellent team leader to march the project forward in success.

Web Developer

We have a team of web developers with many years of experience. Web applications are the foundation of modern businesses and we have that covered.

Social Media Team

Our professional social media team has it all covered. We want to reach out to all the people who wants to make a difference in this world.

Business Developer

Our company is always looking for ways to further develop our vision into sustainable busness model and cryptocurrency and blockchain is the way to the future for us..

Our Partnership Goal

We are very excited about this extraordinary project which willrevolutionise the retail industry. We are aiming to partner with all the retail businesses globally for the decentralised voucher network (DeVo) which is potentially millions of businesses. For now we want to get those big companies below to sign up for DeVo network and give all retail consumers exciting moments to come ahead.

About Us

Gforce Protocol is part of Javidoc Ltd which is based in the United Kingdom. We specialise in web application protocols. We have been fascinated about blockchain technology since its existence and recently observed that there is a gap in the world economy. A gap that needs to be filled and we thought that now is the opportunity to make a difference in the global retail economy.

At the moment there is no blockchain decentralised voucher system where retailers can create in only few clicks from their mobile phone and offer their customers discount vouchers. Customers can keep the discount voucher tokens on their mobile phones smart GFC wallet to use anytime at the retail it was deployed from. As you can see there is a revolution to be made in this sector and we as a company acted fast at the right time and in the right market.

We have gathered a team of experts in the blockchain technology to launch our dream for the worlds first decentralised P2P smart voucher system. Our team consists of blockchain developers, marketeers, social media experts, business developers, financiers and website developers. We strive to move forward with this project and are very excited of the coming months ahead.