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Gforce protocol will be an open source P2P Decentralised coin powered by gforce smart chain network (GFCSC) .

GForce smartchain will establish a platform for the retail sector to create decentralised voucher (DeVo). it will allow retailers to set total supply of voucher, name and it's deal in value or product.

DeVo will replace the future of centralised voucher to decentralised and provide high security for user's and consumer's.

Our product is fully scalable to wide range of businesses and retailer's not only nationally but globally. Gforce coin will run DeVo smartchain and it's transactions.

The transactoins will not cost any fee's. Transactions are totally free and is carried out by the GFC network on the GFC smart blockchain.

Countries not supported

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Risk warning & Disclaimer

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Connecting smart contracts with real world retail sector

Transform fiat voucher into DeVo

(decentralised voucher)

GFC Token

GFC Tokens will initially use the TRC20 token standard and eventually will be mirrored on a proprietary blockchain based on Gforce Smart Chain (GFCSM).

Gforce Smart Chain

Gforce mainnet, activating the parallel blockchain to Gforce Smart Chain that will enable the creation of smart contracts DeVo (decentralised voucher) Token mechanism for Gforce. Any interested individuals and/or businesses can issue Gforce DeVo Tokens.

Business will create smart contracts in way of reward which will allow them to send DeVo Tokens to the relevant consumer.

Real use cases for both businesses and consumers

Our Intelligent smart contract will enable you to create tokens and services such as offers or discount contract via a simple digital secured contract. Anywhere, anytime at the right place. Then customers can send the DeVo Tokens to the retailer and receive discounts.

DeVo Contract

DeVo is decentralised voucher token where consumer can receive a token created on Gforce smartchain by the retailer for reward or discount purpose.

Each token created on Gforce smart chain will be unique for it's use and deal. DeVo will help reduce paper and plastic waste as needed in the classical voucher system.

High Street

Our technology and it's use will transform the retail voucher into decentralised crypto token voucher (DeVo).

Our Gforce smart chain will enhance the security to all vouchers and coupons which will prevent voucher theft, forgery and loosing the paper voucher. It will also allow big and small business to access the product effeciently and marketing will be easier.

GForce Coin

Gforce coin will power the Gforce smart chain and retain its value for holders. Retailers will need a small fee in the form of GFC coin to deploy the initial DeVo token contract. The contract deployment fee will help run the Gforce smart chain as it will insentivise the network contributor.

How GForce Works

GForce protocol will power GForce smartchain

High street/ Businesses

Most high street retailers and business will hold GForce token for the use of contract creation.

Contract creation

GForce smartchain will allow business and retailers to create smart vouchers (DeVo) offers and discounts using the GFC smartchain.

Shop payment device

Dedicated payment device for high street shops and business can easily transfer DeVo to its customers.

Our Road Map


What is GFC token ?
GFC is built on the Tron Smart chain with support for BSC. Our main project will merge to GForce coin.
What is the purpose of GFC coin and how does it work?
GFC will run the blockchain network and provide a smartchain platform within the network to deploy DeVo.
Long story short, it will run a network similar to ethereum but without the gas fee's.
Who benefits from GFC coin ?
GFC will allow retailer's and business to create smart voucher (DeVo) in the GForce smartchain and send it to the relevant customer. Customer can use DeVo according to the value or offer.
What is DeVo?
DeVo stands for decentralised voucher. A smart contract created on the GForce smartchain.
DeVo decentralised voucher can replace the existing centralised voucher system to more secure and user friendly.
what is a smart contract? Here
How do you deploy customised vouchers (DeVo) on GFC smartchain?
DeVo vouchers are simple and easy to deploy.

1 Install the app

2 Create new token

3 Enter the number of totall supply

4 Enter the name of the voucher

5 Give it a country (optional)

6 Approve contract and deploy

Do I need to know coding to deploy coin?
Unlike usual Erc20 token solidity, with GFC all codes are built in and no code is required.

Is there a charge to deploy a voucher token for individual businesses?
Yes, a minimum fee of GFC will be required to deploy a voucher.

Is there a charge to send and receive GFC token?
Yes, BNB fee is required for the token

Is there a charge to send and receive GFC coin?
Yes, a minimum transaction fee is required.

Is there a charge to send and receive DeVo?
No. There is no charge to send and receive DeVo tokens.

How is DeVo deployed within the network?
Outlined the basics and explained what it takes to create an DeVo, it is time to start writing some logic.
First, we need to define two mapping objects. This is the similar to Solidity notion for an associative or key/value array:

mapping(address => uint256) balances;

mapping(address => mapping (address => uint256)) allowed;
The expression mapping(address => uint256) defines an associative array whose keys are of type address— a number used to denote account addresses, and whose values are of type uint256 — a 256-bit integer typically used to store token balances.
The first mapping object, balances, will hold the token balance of each owner account.
The second mapping object, allowed, will include all of the accounts approved to withdraw from a given account together with the withdrawal sum allowed for each.
As you can see, the value field of the allowed mapping is by itself a mapping plotting account address to its approved withdrawal sum.
These mappings together with all other contract fields will be stored in the blockchain and will be mined resulting in changes being propagated to all network user nodes.
Blockchain storage is expensive and users of your contract will need to pay for, one way or another. Therefore you should always try to minimize storage size and writes into the blockchain.
Now that we have the required data structures in place, we can start to actually write the DeVo logic into the appropriate functions.
This is the basic of the blockchain which will be built in within the network and app.

What kind of retailers will be using DeVo?
Grocery, Clothing shops, delivery service, fast food, restaurant, super market, general goods shops, online stores and many more businesses.

Do you need a gas fee to send and receive DeVo?
No. We do not operate like ethereum where they charge a gas fee to send their tokens we do not require any gas fee's.

When are we launching mainnet?
Accorording to our road map and once full funding is acheived.
Click on road map.

GForce Wallet Coming Soon

GForce wallet app will be available soon. Our smart app will have a wallet to store GForce coin together with the technology to create DeVo within the app .

App will allow users to send and receive DeVo and retailers will have power to create their own new vouchers. It will also be integrated to pos system and retail handheld payment devices.